What Should Be in a Game Guide - What Should Be in a Game Guide?
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What Should Be in a Game Guide?

Game guides provide many benefits to gamers and could potentially help gamers get through some of the most challenging games. However, creating game guides is entirely different as gamers know what they want in a direction. A creator needs to read into the needs that gamers would want from a game guide.

Certain factors are the most important and should be incorporated into all game guides with game guides.

Detailed Gameplay Information

What Should Be in a Game Guide 3 - What Should Be in a Game Guide?

Gameplay is an essential part of any game guide for online or offline computer games. Gameplay information provides the player with vital information on the exact details of how the game is played, the style and look of the game, and what to expect with the overall way of playing the game.

Puzzle Explanations

What Should Be in a Game Guide 2 - What Should Be in a Game Guide?

Throughout any game, there will be puzzling missions to get through where it’s not just about fun but about trying to solve complex scenarios and puzzles. This is where gamers usually go online to research where they can find a game guide for the specific game they are playing. Having details on the most crucial puzzles of a game is vital for a successful

Cheats and Editing

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Cheats are maybe not always part of a guide, but one of the most searched for types of manual and help for gaming. Many gamers use cheats to enjoy the game with a different viewpoint and for assistance in getting through certain levels without struggling too much but still having fun.


Walkthroughs are also there to help players get through their missions without using any cheat codes or editing. A walkthrough is seen as a complete detailed overview of the game from the moment it starts to how it ends and provides strategies on how to beat certain levels.

By adding elements to a game guide, you will have a successful game guide to provide gamers with.