Modern Gaming and the Importance of Walkthroughs - Modern Gaming and the Importance of Walkthroughs
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Modern Gaming and the Importance of Walkthroughs

Gaming has seen many different forms. With magazines and forums taking the responsibility onto themselves since the early 2000s to supply walkthroughs and guides to gamers, video games quickly took over.

Video channels such as YouTube walkthroughs and guides became entirely different from magazine walkthroughs. They provided gamers with the ultimate way of getting advice and tips and seeing what a game is like before investing in buying it.

With everything in modern gaming becoming more detailed and accessible through online gaming, there are many ways of getting walkthroughs which are discussed below.

Modern Gaming and the Importance of Walkthroughs 1 - Modern Gaming and the Importance of Walkthroughs

Technical Guides

Technical guides have been the most popular guides for modern gamers as games become more complicated and complex with time. The setup processes of games have taken way the essential nature of installing or inserting a game in a console and just playing the game. Setup processes have become complicated, especially with PC games. Modern games can be tricky to get started with as you need specific hardware and software to run them correctly or at all.

The modern nature of games has also made many gamers want to expand their gaming skills with technical capabilities such as editing and customizations, which have been made easier with technology.

Character Build Guides

The modern era of gaming made characters in the games customizable and more likely to resemble what each player wants their characters to look and react like. With various new genres and styles of games introduced in the modern era, there were games with avatars instead of characters.

These avatars are customizable to look exactly how a player wants them to be, including clothing, hairstyle, etc. These guides help players to plan their characters with the best optimization for each level in a game.

Walkthroughs and Tips

A walkthrough is seen as the ultimate guide to a game and can provide a player with a complete overview of how a game is played and how to succeed with it in record time. Some walkthroughs focus on specific game parts that might be difficult to get through. Walkthroughs can be found online with the most popular rated games.

These guides are focused on particular parts of each type of game and play a vital role in enjoying a game to its full potential.