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Online gaming is one of the most popular ways of playing newly released and classic games easily and sometimes free. The games on this list are available for online play on various platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, and PlayStation, for online gaming purposes only.


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Valorant is a PC-only game that’s free to play online—developed by RIOT games. This tactical first-person shooter game was an instant hit when released in 2020. The game provides many unlockable features which keep you playing but are also available for purchase to speed things along.


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Fortnite is free to play online for PCs and other Android platforms. It’s a massive survival game that also has a battle royale mode. The online capabilities provide a way to play against many different players worldwide. The game is colorful, with many over-the-top action scenes and graphics.

DoTA 2

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With most free online games being a mod to existing games, DoTA 2 proves how much of a difference an ad can make to an already well-rated game. DoTA is a popular mod for Warcraft 3 and is one of the most popular ads. IT incorporates deep strategic gameplay that beginners find difficult, but it has built-in guides for ultimate assistance in learning the game.

Rocket League

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Rocket League is a popular game among online gamers and can be used on all platforms, including PC, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. Rocket League is more than just a racing game; it pumps the adrenaline that will make any racing or soccer fan glue themselves to their screens.

The game can be used as either single-player or multiplayer. Take on players from around the world in this entertaining online game that’s free to play.

Starcraft II

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Probably the most played online strategy game, Starcraft tests your brain and ability to outsmart other online players. They build structures, plan attacks, gather resources, and defend themselves from the enemy. The game has multiplayer options and is free to play on PC and macOS.

This game aims to experienced strategy gamers who love a challenge and challenging gameplay.

Enjoy free online games that are action-packed and challenging with strategies. Online gaming provides benefits that regular gaming doesn’t have, including being social.