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Intergalactic Hack’n’Slash

Wild Buster is the Sci-Fi Action MMORPG with fast-paced Hack'n'Slash combat. It requires strategic team composition, the smart use of special abilities, quick reflexes, and above all, an appreciation for over-the-top weaponry.

In a war-torn galaxy, the Broken, an aggressive cyborg race, are hell-bent on dooming the remaining humans to the same desolate half-man-half-machine fate.

Collect and level more than a dozen varied characters to master PvE and PvP features, and prevent the complete annihilation of mankind!

Guardians Vs Abandon

Pick from the game's two rival factions, Guardians and Abandon, and take on other players in PvP mode to claim victory for your chosen side.

  • The Guardians are a military organisation tasked with the mission to protect all humans, and rely on strict discipline and training to do so
  • The Abandon are an alliance of wild, unbound mutants. They are less organized, but experts in utilizing weapons and gadgets to survive even in harsh environments

If either party wants to stand a chance against the much greater threat of the Broken, however, these two opposing groups must learn to work together in PvE mode by carrying out quests, and completing raids side-by-side.

Key Features

A Full MMO with Fast-paced Hack’n’Slash Combat

  • Shooting, slashing, burning, dodging, rolling - think fast, move faster!

Unique Heroes to Level and Collect

  • Over 14 selectable heroes (24 planned) that employ distinctly different play styles and unique abilities
  • Play as legendary video game characters such as Serius Sam
  • Mech suit engineer, tamer, dual wield blade assassin, sniper, and many more
  • During co-op gameplay, these take on roles as Tank, Range DD, Melee DD, and Support

Unique Abilities & Skill Combinations

  • Different skill combinations with 2 powerful ‘ultimate skills’ to choose from for each hero
  • All skills can be customized with items to enhance their potential and increase or even add additional effects
  • Optimize gear, enhance, and strategically combine skills to build your ideal hero

2 Rival Factions

  • Guardians: Military organisation tasked with the mission to protect all humans, who rely on strict discipline and training to do so.
  • Abandon: An alliance of unbound wild mutants. They are less organized, but experts in utilizing weapons and gadgets to survive even in harsh environments.

Rank level System

  • increase your account-wide rank level beyond your characters’ levels to get extra attribute bonuses

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MMO Features

  • Versatile gear with different attribute increases, rarities and set bonuses
  • Professions: Crafting, enchanting, armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, jewelry crafting, mining and fishing
  • Achievement system
  • Guild system
  • Auction house
  • Group finder
  • Different mounts and pets

PvE Content

  • 500+ varied quests and daily missions
  • 22+ dungeons with unique boss fights and 3 different difficulties
  • 4 raid instances with challenging boss fights - assemble a strong team or go home!
  • 4 defence maps where players have to protect a payload against hordes of enemies

PvP Content

  • 5 vs 5 Player squad leagues (10 vs 10 planned after Early Access)
  • 4 open PvP zones
  • Free-for-all PvP treasure brawls where the winner takes all


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Equipped with high-density armor and highly destructive firearms, the Titan Troopers will snap the enemy in half whatever the battlefield presents to them. Of all the Guardian troops, these are probably the most physically capable, displaying high levels of strength and endurance.

A fighting group made up entirely of women, the Judgement Shooters are equipped with elite AMX-099 assault rifles that incorporate precision grenade launchers capable of clearing whole areas at once. As far as the enemy is concerned, these soldiers are nothing short of mobile artillery.

Born leaders, the Iron Wall are a predominantly defensive class, prudent on the battlefield and always prepared to the play the long game. Physically strong, they serve to defend the frontlines and lead their allies to victory.

A scientist class tasked with protecting humanity and ensuring a progressive future on Titan. Superior knowledge garnered from their elite education serves to protect their colleagues on the front lines. Their technological prowess has aided them in the development of tools allowing telepathic communication with beasts of all kinds.

The Wild Commando relies on speed and guile rather than mere brute force. Equipped not with heavy armor but light firearms, they can achieve mission objectives quickly and efficiently and are able to overwhelm multiple enemies in the blink of an eye.

Elite mechanics able to commandeer the entire spectrum of military vehicles in Titan's harsh environment. They can come to the aid of their colleagues by taking command of various mounts.


As true victims of the war, these refugees have had to adapt by looting fallen Guardians. Over the many years of forced resilience and habituation to their lot in life they have become admirable warriors in their own right.

The basic motto of the Vanguard Blade is simple: “Kill them before they kill you”. This mentality is necessary for them to survive the battle as they have little armor or weaponry at their disposal.

Also specialists in adaptive survival, the Flamewavers started their military career as idle souls scouring the wastelands for scrap while their comrades fought on the battlefield. Over the years, however, their unique pyrotechnic talents as well as their sturdy armor have come to provide an excellent system for battlefield support.

Smugglers are outcasts even in Abandon society, but they are often the most dangerous among them. Armed with crossbows and swords they hunt their prey in the shadows, so be sure to watch your back once the sun goes down.

On the surface, an Undertaker is quiet and calm. But encounter one and you will find it hard to forget the effect their mere presence can have upon your basic psychology. They can appear normal but will be draining your life force as they do so.

Colloquially referred to as "Mad Scientists", these are one of the many types of soldier who has lost their mind in battle. With the constant barrage of Broken and the resilience of the Guardians, it is no surprise that these fragile intellectuals have gone insane stuck in between the two.

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